Reg Levert at The Crowe River Live Edge Shop

Our Story

We bought a lovely piece of property (17 Acres) in Marmora and Lake (Crowe River and Lake) and built a passive solar house.  As I cleared out the dead trees on the property I began to see the possibilities with the live edge of some pretty amazing trees. When trees have reached the end of their lifespan I bring them back to life again revealing the grain and the live edge.  Since then I haven’t found a tree that doesn’t have possibilities to live on again. This is how Crowe River Live Edge came into being.

Now I am being called “Live Edge Reg” !

Supporting Marmora Businesses

Crowe River Live Edge designed and donated a live edge pine plaque to BMR in celebration of  their 60th Anniversary. The board came from a pine tree that Reg removed from the Drummond's homestead. Their late father, Bob Drummond, founder of Drummond BMR planted the tree when he was 15 years old. The board was carved by Crowe Valley Woodcraft.

CONGRATULATIONS to Drummond BMR on 60 years of Service in Marmora.

Live Edge Commemorative Plaque for Drummond BMR

Studio and Stock Tour

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